How much do aluminum awnings weigh?

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The weight of an aluminum awning can vary based on manufacturer. In most cases, they will weigh around 0.8 pounds per square foot of coverage. This means a 10’x10′ aluminum awning would weigh 80 pounds and a 10’x20′ awning would weigh 160 pounds. The weights listed include support posts and bracket:
 Awning Size Weight (pounds) Weight (kg)
8×10 64 pounds 29
10×10 80 punds  36
10×12 96 pounds  44
10×15 120 pounds  54
10×20 160 pounds  73
10×30 240 pounds  109
If you are looking at a motorized aluminum awning, there are two common types of motor. The standard motor will add about 6 pounds of weight, and the heavy duty will add about 25 pounds to the total.

Polycarbonate Awnings – An alternative to aluminum

Many people who want aluminum awnings decide they are too have or too obtrusive given that they always block the sun. A great alternative is an polycarbonate awnings.

These are made from a hard plastic that is transparent or tinted which will allow a fraction of the light through. Most are treated with a UV blocker to provide some protection from the sun.

They also weigh considerably less than aluminum, but they are stronger on a pound for pound basis. This is not flimsy, cheap plastic. It is the same type of material that is used for bulletproof glass and shatterproof motorcycle windshields.

If you’re interest in reading more about these, we’ve created a complete guide to polycarbonate awnings.

If you have more questions about aluminum or metal awnings, we have created a FAQ on the subject. If you have a question that you don’t see listed on our site, head over our Twitter page and tag us (@newawning) with your question.

Last Updated:May 13, 2024