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How to protect your solar panels from pigeons and other pests
Solar panels are an amazing invention to help lower your monthly energy bill. But one issue that people never think about before installing them is how to deal with pigeons, rats, mice, and squirrels that decide to make a home under the solar panels. The large glass panel creates a perfect environment for the animals […]

Pigeon Spikes: A Complete Guide
Bird spikes are an effective way to deter pigeons from landing on your property. They have been around for decades and are still being used today due to their effectiveness. Bird spikes are made up of a series of metal or plastic prongs that point outward at all angles, so when a bird lands on […]

Tips when your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home cool enough
Summer is coming, and with it comes warmer weather. And while you may not mind the heat, your AC might be another story! If you want to keep cool this summer without breaking the bank, here are some tips for homeowners to make it easier on your Air Conditioning unit. I decided to write this […]

How to protect your wood deck from the sun and the elements
The sun can do a number on your deck. It’s damage is often unseen, but over time it will cause the wood to darken and warp, making for an unpleasant looking space. But there are many solutions that can help protect your wood deck from the sun. From simple things like painting or staining the […]

Do cooling fans work?
Misting fans are a modern solution to an old problem. They spray tiny droplets of water into the air that evaporate. The evaporation takes heat from the air, and the cooler air is then blown around by the fan. Misting fans may not be as efficient at cooling down your home or workplace as other […]

How to make your small yard feel like a large outdoor space
The popularity of HGTV shows has shown us that you can have a great outdoor living area even if you have a small backyard. We’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas to make a small backyard feel like an outside oasis fit for a magazine cover. In this article, we’ll give you 10 separate ideas, […]

How to convert your sunroom into an exercise room
For many people, their home is the only place where they have control over what goes on. In a growing number of households, it’s also where they do most of their living. So why not make your home even more livable by transforming one or more rooms into exercise spaces? You’ll get to work out […]

How to insulate a sunroom (Options for new builds and existing rooms)
This guide will walk through how much insulation homes may need when they convert their patio into a sunroom or add new covered patios to their existing homes. Homeowners should be aware that adding on a sunroom or patio will affect the amount of heat loss through the roof, which can have an effect on […]

Benefits of keeping hot tub indoors
Hot tubs are great additions to your home. Whether it’s soaking in the warm water after a long day in the office or inviting some friends for some beers over the weekend, a hot tub is always a welcome space to any home. In this post, we’ll cover 11 benefits to keeping your hot tub […]

How to clean sunscreen windows
It’s easy to forget that most of the world is made up of water, which makes it just as important to clean windows in a sunroom. A dirty window can cause glare and heat build-up on the other side. And if you’re trying to enjoy the view, you may not be able to because there […]

Complete guide to bistro lights
Bistro lights are a great, budget friendly way to brighten up a backyard or patio. They are an easy DIY project that most homeowners can do without hiring an electrician. They also come in a variety of bulb colors, styles lengths and sizes. Due to their popularity on HGTV renovation shows, they’ve become very popular […]

How to Pet Proof your Sunroom
A sunroom can be a great addition to your home. Since the quarantine began we’ve heard a lot of people choosing to keep their pets separated to cut down on any barking or noises. If you are going to keep your pet in a sunroom, we have several tips for you to make it a […]

Top Fruits and Vegetables to Grow in Greenhouse
This post is about the 13 easiest plants to grow in a green house. It will be helpful for people who want to start growing their own food at home, but don’t know where to begin. I’ll talk about how each plant should be grown and what it needs to thrive, as well as information […]

Guide to Adding Solar Panels to Sunroom
A sunroom is a small room, often on the ground floor of a home, that is designed to be used as an additional living area. Sunrooms are popular in climates with cold winters because they provide warmth and sunshine all year round. The most common type of sunroom has windows facing south or west for […]

Benefits of adding a greenhouse to your home
A couple years ago, green houses were very expensive and only owned by a small number of people. They were expensive permanent structures composed of metal frame with glass windows. Thanks to some creative engineering and low cost materials, the ability for every homeowner to have smaller, more budget friendly greenhouses is now available to […]

Can you use drywall in a sunroom?
Drywall is an excellent building material for most situations, but it’s not a good choice of materials for sunrooms. There are several reasons why drywall should never be used in the construction of a sunroom. Moisture changes, temperature changes and natural light can all lead to mold-related problems with drywall. Mold spores will often linger […]

How to convert your sunroom to a home office
People who work from home are always looking for ways to maximize their space. One way is by converting a sunroom into an office, which can provide extra space and bring in natural light. To make the most of this type of conversion, you need to take some steps before you begin your transformation. First, […]

Sunroom Size Options (What’s best for your home?)
A sunroom is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in any season. But what size should you get? Small, medium or large? This post will help you decide which one is right for your home. Best uses for each size room and the advantages and disadvantages of each. This article will cover the advantages […]

Heating and Cooling Options for your Sunroom
The sunroom is a great way for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors year-round, but it can be difficult to keep them at the perfect temperature. There are many different heating and cooling options available that will help homeowners regulate their home’s climate in these spaces. Each of the options will have advantages and disadvantages which […]

How to soundproof your sunroom – (7 Easy Steps)
There are many reasons why people invest in sunrooms. For some homeowners, they provide a much-needed escape from the heat of summer; for others, they offer an additional living space to accommodate guests or for entertaining. However, these rooms can also cause problems if you don’t take steps to soundproof them properly. Here are seven […]

How to Protect your Sunroom from Burglars
Home security is considered one of the most important aspects that define the security of any house. Security measures are usually costly and no matter how hard people try to save money on their homes, many consider it necessary to spend some extra bucks on ensuring maximum protection. Sunrooms might be luxurious but they pose […]

How to turn a covered patio into a screened porch
Growing up in the south, we seemed to spend some time every weekend on a screened porch. They are a great way of spending time outside to get fresh air without being overrun by insects. Adding a screen to a covered patio or porch is also an extremely easy DIY project than can be done […]

What’s the best furniture for sunrooms?
Congratulations! You’ve completed your sunroom, and now it’s time to add the home furnishings. We’ve done a lot of research on this topic, and we’ll happy all that we’ve learned. Sunroom furniture will be exposed to more sunlight than other rooms in your home. For this reason, we recommend getting fabrics that can deal with […]

Can you use a sunroom as a bedroom? (What’s required?)
A sunroom can be a beautiful addition to any home. However, it has been known for some homeowners to use their sunrooms as additional bedrooms. But before you do this, there are other things you should know about the legality of using your sunroom as a bedroom and whether or not it is worth doing […]

Aging Sunrooms: Should you replace or repair them?
Are you considering replacing or repairing your sunroom? This article will help you decide. A sunroom is a popular home addition for many reasons: it’s an excellent way to increase living space, they provide natural light and fresh air, they can be used year-round, and they’re green because the roof provides insulation. But there are […]

Guide to Sunroom Window Coverings
Most people don’t think about window coverings when they’re renovating a sunroom. But these rooms need appropriate lighting and the right amount of heat to be comfortable for guests. So it’s important to choose your window treatments wisely! There are many different options to choose from, such as honeycomb shades, roller shades, bamboo shades, and […]

Sunroom Flooring In Depth- (Everything you could want to know)
Are you thinking of adding a sunroom to your home? We’ve written a full guide discussing the primary flooring options for your sunroom addition. We’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of each as well as some sunroom structural flooring cost considerations. We will also discuss the options for the homeowner facing floors. The three most […]

Complete Guide to Sunroom Doors
When homeowners are designing a sunroom, they often spend a lot of time thinking about size, windows, roof, and floors. These are all important elements of the room, but it’s also important to choose the door that fits how you want to use the room. Three main types of doors are used for sunrooms: Standard […]

Building Permits and Sunrooms – What you want to know
The exact rules will vary from state to state, but we are unaware of any area that will allow a sunroom (or other addition to your home) without a building permit. Thankfully the whole process is fairly straightforward and many counties/states will have a helpline that can help you with the process if you are […]

What Is the Difference Between a Sunroom and a Patio Enclosure?
A sunroom is a generic term for any room on the exterior of a home that has a lot of windows. This includes patio enclosures, conservatories, 3 season rooms, and many other types of space. An enclosed patio will concrete floor or all weather carpet. The walls for the enclosed patio could be half walls […]