Best Shades & Blinds for RV Windows

Our friends love spending the weekends in their RV. They swear that it’s an amazing weekend getaway with minimal cost. Their one gripe seems to be that the sun heats up the interior since they don’t leave the AC running while in the campground. While I am far from an expert in RVs and motorhomes, I do own a site with about shades so I promised to do some research for them. The article below is a summary of what I discovered while helping some of our friends motorhome more enjoyable. If you want to jump to conclusion, our top pick is RabbitGoo Window Film. Below, I’ll explain why we picked this, but I know that sometimes people are just in a hurry and want to get the best product without carrying about all the work we put in so I want to accommodate that too.

Purpose of RV Shades

There are several main reasons that someone would want to add shades or blinds to their RV. Some of the more common options are:
  • Keep out Sun/Heat
  • Privacy from Neighbors
  • Lower AC Costs
  • Protect Interior from UV Rays/Fading
  • Colorful Visual Effect: This decorative window film features a unique 3D laser design that creates a colorful, glittery rainbow effect when the sunlight shines through it. The timeless and exquisite mosaic pattern adds attractive design for an updated look to your window that mimics stained glass
  • Privacy Protection: The privacy window film provides a semi-private view from the outside while still allowing natural light to pass through, making it ideal for most applications such as bedrooms, living room, or other room where privacy is needed
  • UV Blocking, Sun Protection: This premium film is ideal for sunny rooms, as it effectively reduces direct sunlight, glare, and heat. The window film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and slowing down the fading on flooring and furniture
  • No Adhesives, Easy Installation: With static cling application technology, our glass film can stick firmly to glass surface only with a lot of water, and can be adjusted easily, making it an easy solution for home privacy and decor while a cost-effective alternative to traditional window treatments
  • Easy Removal & Reuse: Not only does this privacy film leave no residue after removal, but it can be reused multiple times, a great option for adding a personal touch to your space without making permanent changes

Decorative Window Film by – RabbitGoo

I utterly love this product! It is super easy to install with no additional tools. It simply attaches to windows via static cling, and it can easily be taken down without leaving a resisdue. It is stylish and provides great energy savings by blocking 96% of UV light. The only drawback to this product is that it is only 3/5 for privacy so it may not be the best if privacy is your absolute primary goal. The video above shows how easy it is to install this window film. As I’ve written about in other pages, we’re huge fans of window film as we have it in many windows in our home. We’ve chosen a tinted product so that we can still easily see through the window to our yard opting for visibility over privacy.
  • These RV blinds in cappuccino are a great replacement or upgrade to your RV. They are light enough that they will not collect lots of dust and allergens and will easily raise and lower.
  • Closing the blinds to block out harmful UV rays or to just get some privacy is a much-needed application in an RV, which is why we wanted to give you an option that moved with ease. While being light in weight, they are opaque and are not able to be seen through. With this level of privacy, they are great for nighttime.
  • The cappuccino color is also perfect for RV interiors, with the calm and solid color helping add a relaxing vibe to your home away from home. Durable and long-lasting, they’ll keep you in comfort for a long time to come. Installation is quick and easy with the mounting hardware provided and once it’s up, it’s easy to move and use.
  • If returned Items are due to the customer ordering the wrong size, style, or color, they are automatically subject to a 10% restocking fee unless otherwise noted in product description.

RV Camper Pleated Shade by RecPro

In US homes, the standard window width is normally 36″ which is much wider than the 24″ which is normally used on RVs and motorhomes. If you are going to go with a traditional shade, please measure the width inside the frame before ordering. For people who want traditional shades in their motorhome, we greatly prefer either pleated or honeycomb shades. The reason is that this style has a better internal support system to handle the moving back and forth caused from driving. Both pleated and honeycomb shades are made of a solid cloth material that expands or contracts. The horizontal slat blinds that are hung with string can get damaged as they swing back and forth. Additionally, there are more working parts that can suffer stress while the RV is en route. Regardless of the type of shade that you choose, I strongly suggest always lifting it during driving. This will minimize any damage to the unit. Another major perk of pleated shades is that they offer 100% privacy, and they can be used as an interior design element. The only reason they didn’t make our number one pick is that they require tools to install. The installation process was a drawback for us as I know a lot of our readers prefer to opt for easy install solutions.
  • EXTRA LARGE SHADES FOR EXTRA LARGE WINDOWS: Enovoe is proud to introduce the only sun shade on Amazon that is designed specifically for your large MINIVAN and SUV windows. Measuring 30” x 16”, Enovoe offers the largest available shades on Amazon today! Please check and ensure the size will fit your windows before purchasing.
  • BYE-BYE SUCTION CUPS: Enovoe Sun Shades use STATIC-CLING TECHNOLOGY. This means that INSTALLATION IS A BREEZE. Simply remove from the packaging and hold up to your window. It’s that simple!
  • SAFETY: You spoke and we listened. Our shades have been carefully redesigned to offer as much shade and protection as possible without compromising safety and visibility. This is a difficult balance to achieve, and so we thank you for helping us create our best product yet!
  • PORTABILITY: Using static-cling technology means that your shades can be easily removed and reapplied as needed. They even come with a BONUS STORAGE POUCH, so that you can stow them away when needed or even carry them with you when you travel.
  • THE ENOVOE PROMISE: We stand behind our products and promise to ensure your absolute satisfaction with every purchase. Thus, we offer a LIFETIME, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE when you order our Sun Shades today. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied, we will not only issue you a refund, but also send you a second, complimentary unit, if need be. BEST OF ALL, we promise to DONATE 5% of our profits to help children in need. Help us make a difference!

Window Shade XXL by Enovoe

This product is perfect for the RV windows, minivans or rear windows of an SUV. It measures 30″ x 16″ and adheres to the window via static film. This means it is super easy to install without needing to use tools. If your window is larger than the 16″ wide then you merely need to overlap the shades to create 100% coverage if you’re seeking privacy. These offer great privacy and block a lot of the UV rays and heat. The static film can easily be taken down if you want to open the windows during evening hours to let in the cool air. This is a good alternative if you want to get the static window film, but want something that offers more production than our top pick of the RabbitGoo film. This also blocks 97% of UV Rays, and it is extremely versatile when it comes to repositioning it or taking it down before starting your weekend trek.
  • PREMIUM 12 PACK - 12 foam core boards in each package. Packed in PROTECTIVE PACKAGING - no damaged edges or corners.
  • SIZE 30 x 20" - 3/16 (5mm) inch thick, white color, hard. Smooth surface accepts screen printing, glue, paint or markers. Easy to cut. Ideal for prints, crafts, school projects, framing, mounting pictures and exhibits, indoor signs and notices.
  • FOAM CORE BOARD (ACID FREE) - polystyrene extruded foam laminated between two sheets of paper (acid free). Double sided, strong, rigid but amazingly lightweight foamcore board.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE - perfect for painting, artwork, education, presentation, modelling, creatology, picture print and backing or images mount. Suitable for home, office, college, school, classroom, kindergarten. Great help for managers, artists, teachers, students and kids.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - if for any reason you are not happy with the product, please let us know, we'll refund your money immediately, no questions asked.

Foam Board

  • Size: 20″ x 30″
  • Thickness: 3/16″
  • Weight: < 1 pound
  • Quantity: 12 Sheets
  • Surface: Matte
  • Fabric: Foam
  • Frame: n/a
  • Brand: Navy Penguin
  • Best For: DIY Sunblocker, Crafters, Budget Option
I can’t take credit for this idea as it came as a suggestion from a reader. Foam boards can make a terrific solution for portable and removable window covering. The 3/16″ foam board seem to be the perfect thickness to fit into a window frame. They offer 100% privacy and block a great deal of the UV rays while still producing some light to get through while minimizing the heat. Best of all the foam boards can be cut to precisely fit with scissors, and its stiffness allows it to be propped against the window to stay in place. The foams boards we recommend are also acid free which means they won’t turn yellow over time when exposed to the sun. This will allow them to keep their light and bright appearance for many year.

Last Updated:January 23, 2024