Best Awnings for Phoenix Arizona

The dry arid environment of Arizona poses unique challenges for awnings and canopies. In the summer of 2017, we hit a new record high of 122 degrees on June 22. This heat can be a challenge for many air conditioning units to keep up. This heat is also a challenge to the fabric and metal frame of the external awnings. Additionally, the material needs to be able to withstand a complete lack of moisture that would cause dry rot for fabrics used in most parts of the country.

Why have an awning in Phoenix?

Awnings can produce two amazing benefits for houses in the hot Arizona sun. The first is that an awning or canopy that covers a large portion of the western facing wall can significantly lower summer air conditioning bills. There have been EPA studies that show an awning cut cooling costs by more than 8% during the hottest summer months. This occurs by shading the wall and windows from the sun’s rays. The second benefit is to create an outdoor living area. Shaded areas can be up to 20 degrees cooler so having a backyard area that is partially covered will allow it to be used for gatherings. This works especially well for evening entertaining as having a canopy over a patio will make the space far more usable.
Another major benefit is that by shading your western facing windows, you can dramatically ease the drain on the air condition in the hottest parts of the day. In the middle of the day in Arizona, we are often faced with temperatures that are so hot that the cooling systems will run constantly and overheat causing damage to the unit. While it may seem counter-intuitive, but adding window shading either external with a canopy or inside with reflective sun shades can dramatically increase the lifespan of the AC unit.

Commercial Awnings

Phoenix is a driving city which means people are often trying to find businesses from their car. Awnings are used by many companies as a memorable sign. A distinctive design or color can appear on a company website and will be instantly recognizable when the potential customers get to the area. If you are considering a commercial awning, we highly recommend contacting several companies for project mockups and estimates. In most cases, the awning will need to be made custom for lettering to appear. Additionally, whenever you are making a change to a public facing building you will want to hire a licensed contractor. Even a small awning over the front of a storefront can run several hundred dollars.
Our engineering and marketing team are currently building out a list of our top recommended awning install companies in our hometown of Phoenix. We are especially looking at the east valley including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale. If you a representative for a company who supports commercial awnings in these communities, we’d love to hear from you.

Off the Shelf Awnings

If you are looking for an off the shelf awning for your residential patio, we highly recommend the Petra’s Square Sun Shade. This comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 11.5 feet to 23, and it can easily be mounted to most homes with simple eye hooks and two additional support poles. We have compiled a detailed guide to awning support poles if you need those. This is a DIY project that can be assembled by one person with a ladder in an afternoon. We have reviewed many options, and we truly feel this is the best value for the homeowner that is looking to add some shade to their backyard.
If you are looking for an off the shelf retractable awning, then we suggest the GoPlus Retractable Deck. This unit measures 8.2′ by 6.5′ and does not require additional support poles. It features a manual crank for opening and comes with all necessary brackets. This is ideal for the hot Arizona summers.

Professional Installations

Our team is currently researching Phoenix Awning Companies to find a company that we feel comfortable recommending. At a minimum, we are seeking a company that has been in business for more than 5 years with more than 200 professional installations. If you own an awning company in the Phoenix or central Arizona area and would like to speak to us about your company, please contact us.
Jennifer Valance
Date Published: 3/30/2017 Date Updated: 6/22/2017

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