Seven Energy Benefits Of A Home Awning

According to reports published by the U.S. Department of Energy, placing window awnings to the south side of your property can lead to up to 65% reduction in solar heat and if placed on the west side, the reduction is an estimated 77%. Now this is a significant save on energy and if you are yet to be among those who enjoy the many energy benefits of making your home more energy efficient, this knowledge should get you thinking about being one of the numerous Americans who enjoys up to 60% savings on energy costs through the installation in their various homes and commercial properties.
Gone are those days when installing or dismantling of your awning is a huge task because of this time, there are various styles of retractable awnings that make setting up or taking down a lot easier than you imagine. There are also local and reliable companies that offer installations at affordable rates. Having known all these, it is time to talk about the energy benefits of having one installed on your property, residential or commercial. Both in Europe and in the U.S., several property owners are cutting costs on energy through the installation. Some of these benefits are as follows:
  • Protection Against Water Damages: If you live in an area that is prone to incessant rainfall, then there is the possibility that the pounding of the rain on your door will lead to water finding its way into your home. If you have rug carpet in your home, then it will require vacuum or hot air drying to get the carpet dry again. This uses up a lot of energy that could have been saved if an awning was installed at the entrance or by the window side of the property.

  • Less Air Conditioning: Studies have shown that penetration of solar radiation through glass windows and doors lead to an increased demand for cooling the interiors of a property through air conditioners. With the installation of an awning, you are projecting yourself to enjoy most of the energy benefits of adding an awning to your home. This includes having to use your air condition less often since the cover prevents direct penetration of solar radiation into your home or business place. When your air conditioner does not need to work often in order for you to maintain a cool environment, then you will be saving more on energy costs.

  • Less Heating: If yours is a retractable awning, then dismantling it during the winter will afford you the opportunity of saving cost on heating up your home. This is because the solar radiation will no longer be blocked and will penetrate the glasses directly to heat up your home. When this happens, you use the heater less and as such, increasing your energy savings considerably.

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  • Reduction Of The Impact Of Global Warming: This is overall when it comes to the numerous energy benefits. When you consume less energy when it comes to cooling your home during summer and spring or you use less energy in heating up your home or commercial establishment during winter, you will be among those who are reducing the impact of global warming.

  • Reduction In Peak Electricity Demand: From several studies carried out in certain areas of the U.S., it was determined that homes that have one installed exhibited a significant reduction in peak electricity demand. This is mainly because with the awnings working both ways, there was less heat in summer/spring season and less cold during the winter season. With this less demand during times of peak usage, not only do the utility companies save on its energy supply capacity, the homeowners also save on cash that could have gone into paying for additional energy costs towards heating or cooling the home, as the case may be.

  • Patio Furniture Lasts Longer: By placing your patio furniture out of the direct solar rays, you will increase its lifespan. You will keep the colors looking fresh as the awning will decrease fading and other signs of wear.

  • Creative a Safe Space for Animals: We live in Phoenix, and the summer temperature can exceed 110. During the hottest months, our patio becomes home to many wild birds and some stray animals. We always leave out water all our visitors in the summer, and we also use the awning frame to hang a hummingbird feeder. Also, note for anyone who is curious, our pets are indoor animals. I am in no means suggesting that we are using our awning as a way the only means of keeping a pet cool in the summer. On the contrary, there are many stray animals who are not fortunate enough to have owners that love and care for them. During the hot summer months, we’re happy to allow our patio to be a refuge for any animal that needs a break from the sun or some cool water.

These are just a few of the many energy benefits, but there are additional cost savings. One example is that when you have an awning installed on your property, it shields your interior décor and furnishings from exposure to harsh elements and as such, damages are kept to the barest minimum. Another benefit is that to a large extent, it increases the value of your property as it translates into undeniable curb appeal. When you decide to sell your property, a first-time potential client will be immediately drawn to the beauty of the awning and as such, increase your chances of selling your property at the right price, or even higher.
The last but not the least among the additional benefits of installing awnings is that it creates more living space within your property. If you have a patio or it happens that your property is decked, you can convert it to additional living space by having an awning installed. With such installation, you can engage in a lot of outdoor activities without being afraid of most of the harsh outdoor elements.
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Get Expert Guidance on Saving Energy

If you wish to enjoy these energy benefits, it is important that you seek expert help or guidance in order to settle for the right awning for your property, whether it is residential or commercial. There are varied styles and features that are created to suit different buildings or property. The recommendation you receive is mainly determined by your needs and budget. Apart from these, the architectural design of your home is also considered during the process of helping you choose the right awning for your home.
Wilson Smythe
Date Published: 11/5/2016
Date Revised: 6/7/2018

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