How to Protect your Sunroom from Burglars

Home security is considered one of the most important aspects that define the security of any house. Security measures are usually costly and no matter how hard people try to save money on their homes, many consider it necessary to spend some extra bucks on ensuring maximum protection.

Sunrooms might be luxurious but they pose great threats to security as it helps burglars to easily access a house with minimal chance of being detected.

Sunrooms are working as backdoor entry points for burglars. Burglars use sunroom doors as a point of entry because they are often left open and provide unrestricted access to the rest of the house. This is why it is important that no matter how much

What are the best ways to protect your sunroom from burglars?

In a lot of houses, sunrooms are used as backdoor entry points for burglars. Burglars use sunroom doors as a point of entry because they are often left open and provide unrestricted access to the rest of the house. This is why it is important that no matter how much you spend on home security, making sure that your sunroom is well-secured should be one of your top priorities. There are several things you can do in order to make this happen:

1) Get an alarm system installed

You need to get alarms installed so when people come in through the door, it will set off an alarm. Burglar alarms have been proven to reduce the number of burglars who try to access your home.

We have had ADT for years, and we love them. Our alarm system was installed in the home when we bought it. If were were choosing to add one now, we may look at ring or nest.

Both offer great DIY options that allow you to add sensors.

2) Get a security camera installed and have a sign

Another simple yet effective security measure that you should take is getting a security camera installed. They help boost your home’s security because burglars will be deterred by the fact that they are constantly being watched. Make sure to install the cameras in key places, such as near entrances and exits.

Several of our neighbors have a security camera prominently placed at the front entrance of their home. This means there is a record if anyone steals a package from their porch. There is also a record if someone goes to their house.

3) Put up a sign notifying burglars of you cameras and alarm system

In addition to having a camera and alarms, we highly suggest having a sign in your front yard alerting the criminal that you are recording. This will make them more likely to look for the camera, and when they see it avoid your house all together.

The goal of the camera isn’t to catch the culprit who is stealing from your home. It’s to deter them from choosing to rob your house entirely since there will be proof of the crime including their pictures.

4) Get security bars for your sunroom

If your house is built in a way that allows access to the sunroom’s door, then you should consider getting security bars installed over its windows. Bars are easy to install and will take care of most burglars who try to get inside your home.

When a thief sees bars over windows in a sunroom, he knows that he cannot open a window or rip a screen and crawl through. Bars will look out of place in some areas, but they will also be required in some neighborhoods.

My father owned a rental home that kept getting broken into. He installed permanent wrought iron bars on the exterior doors and over windows. He had a latch that could be reached on the inside for egress purposes in the bedroom, but the latch would be hard to reach for anyone on the outside of the home.

Security bars are a pretty big addition to the home, but they may be absolutely required in some areas. For reference, this home had several averaged more than 1 break-in a year before he added the bars.

Even after adding the bars some people saw the family renting the home was out of town on vacation and took the outside unit of the heat pump. We assume, just to sell it as scrap metal.

5) Lock the doors on the sunroom and into the home

When there isn’t anyone in your sunroom, you have to remember and lock the doors and windows behind them. If you’re gone for a while and people can freely access your house, then there is no telling who might come inside while you’re away.

We strongly prefer deadbolt locks with security plates. This will stop someone from just barging the door in with pressure or using a credit card to press the tongue of the lock in.

6) Get window and door alarms that beep when they are opened.

There are some amazing, budget friendly door and window alarms. They cost around $10 per window, and connect to the home WIFI network. Everytime the door/window is opened, it will be recorded. These pair amazingly well with cameras as you’ll know exactly when to look at the footage to see the intruder.

Also, when looking for the sensors, get the ones that beep. This will let an intruder know that his entrance to the home wasn’t silent. Our current system beeps in the control panel which is in our master bedroom.

The wind has rattled a window enough to cause the beeps a few times. Once we had someone unlock our door in the middle of the night. They left it cracked when I went down to check.

Thankfully, the beeps woke both my wife and I up. I made a lot of noise as I announced I was going down to check the search the whole house. I’m not sure if the intruder left when he heard the beeps or when I started loudly making noise that I was going to search the home.

I also loudly yelled that ADT would be calling, and that my wife was to speak with them that we may have had an intruder and would stay on the phone until the all clear.

In a nutshell, get beeping sensors on the doors at an absolute minimum.

7) Get motion sensory lights to decrease burglaries

Adding a motion sensory light to the exterior of your home is a great way to decrease crime and encourage potential burglars to avoid your home. One of our neighbors had their house broken into and a bicycle stolen.

They installed a giant flood light that is motion activated right next to a ring camera. Now every time a car goes by their home after 9pm the flood light gets activated. This means that anyone approaching their home will be clearly aware they are recording and that their features will be well lit.

They are just inside the gated area, and since they upgraded their security system, no one in our neighborhood has reported another break in.

A motion sensor light on your sunroom near the entrance can be a great way to make sure that no one sees that as a easy access to your home. Just the light going on will trigger attention to any person trying to enter the home.

8) Don’t leave valuables visible through the window

If you have a nice Apple computer, expensive video game system or other highly desirable item, don’t store it so that it’s visible from the outside.

The reason is that you’re making your sunroom a target for people that would otherwise not be thinking of committing a crime. If someone sees that new PS5 that they’ve been wanting for months, they may be tempted to go into your sunroom to take one.

Just be cognizant where items are placed to avoid making yourself a target unnecessarily.

Wrapping up

So that’s our guide for seven tips to protect your sunroom from burglars. Do you have a sunroom? Has anyone ever broken in?

We’d love to hear from you especially if you have any tips that you think other members of your community would like to read.

Finally, if you’re thinking of adding a sunroom to your home, we’ve created a complete guide to sunrooms.

Last Updated:November 30, 2023