Best Sprays to Waterproof Gazebo Canopy

Gazebos are often used in gardens, patios and other outdoor spaces. They can be an attractive addition to any property, but if left unprotected they will easily wear out. A gazebo is not the easiest structure to waterproof; however, there are a few products that make it much easier than it would otherwise be.

We’ve spoken with many homeowners and tested several products to find our favorite waterproofing solution. We’ve compiled all our research into this post so that you can quickly skip to the perfect product for you.

In a hurry?
If you don’t have much time, you can use the link below to quickly find the best water repellant for gazebo canopies, awnings or sun shaes for you on Amazon.

  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR OUTDOOR FABRICS - Waterproofing plus UV and stain protection for boat covers, car covers, bimini tops, sail covers, tents, jackets, backpacks, boots, awnings, patio covers and more
  • PRESERVES FABRIC QUALITY - Does not change the breathability, color, or feel of fabric, ensuring original texture and appearance
  • EXTENDS FABRIC LIFE - Great for use on new fabrics, greatly extending their service life and revives old fabrics by providing an additional barrier to moisture, stains and damaging sun rays
  • EASY APPLICATION WITH INCLUDED SPRAYER - Included sprayer for easy, even coating; covers multiple applications and is quick drying
  • PROUDLY AMERICAN, TRUSTED GLOBALLY - With STAR BRITE, you're choosing a leading name in marine, auto, RV, home, and outdoor products since 1973, all proudly made in the USA for superior quality and performance
  • COVERAGE SPECS - 1 Gallon = 465 square feet of coverage, 64 OZ = 232 square feet, 22 OZ = 80 square feet coverage (Coverage may vary slightly depending upon amount of product applied per square foot)
  • PLEASE NOTE - Star brite Waterproofing is ready to use at full strength for best results. If dilution is required, use mineral spirits. Cutting with denatured alcohol will cause clumping and adverse affects

Star Brite Waterproof Spray Review

Our team loves the Star Brite water proofer. People have used it for years, and the protection lasts. We live in Arizona so we don’t have the most amount of rain, but we need a product that can stand up to our scorching summers.

This solution doesn’t cause cracking or damage even when the temperatures exceed well over 100 degrees. The 22 ounce bottle covers 80 square feet so it is more than enough to cover most gazebos.

It also comes in a large gallon size container that covers 465 feet if you have a lot of material to protect.

In addition to lasting for years, this spray is also amazing at repelling water even during the heaviest of storms.

The only drawback that our team has with this product is that sprayer requires multiple pumps before it starts working. I’m not sure why their company chose to use a bottle that requires priming before the solution comes out, but it’s an overall great product with a minor inconvenience.

  • Water Repellency – Restores lost water and stain repellency to factory new levels when applied to clean and dry fabrics. This product will leave behind a protective coating which is an active defense against spills and stains.
  • Stain Resistance – Rejuvenates your fabric's shield against frustrating spots and stains. Simple and easy to use, 303 Fabric Guard helps protect against water-based accidents while drying invisible and keeping fabric vibrant.
  • Versatile – Does not alter fabric color, feel, flammability, or breathability. Safe for use on all fabrics, as well as synthetic and natural fibers, including upholstery, cushions, umbrellas, life jackets, suede, canvas, and more.
  • Directions – Use outdoors only, in supplied packaging. Spray product onto fabric until evenly wet, overlapping areas in a crisscross pattern, and let dry. Do not oversaturate. Let cure for 12-24 hours before introducing to liquid.
  • All 303 Products are good for 5 years after the packaging date on the bottle, and 2 years after the date of opening. Proudly made in the USA by a family-owned company in Chicago, IL.
  • Due to a recent formula issue, this product may cause a white residue on your fabric. The residue can be removed by using any fabric safe cleaner, dish soap or laundry soap. Please contact the manufacturer for a full refund if you experience this issue.

303 Fabric Guard Review

Several of our older posts on water repellants have 303 Fabric guard as our pick for the best water repellant spray. It is an incredibly high quality product that does a stellar job at protecting fabrics. It both repels water and protects against water and oil based staining.

Our team has found literally zero flaws with the overall solution, and there was serious discussion when we moved Star Brite to be our editor’s pick.

The main reason came down to price and container size. The 303 Fabric guard comes in a 32 ounce container which enough to cover a large gazebo with extra liquid left in the bottle. It’s not enough to apply a second coat so we just kept the bottle around in case of other projects.

  • WATER REPELLENT SPRAY: Four Scotchgard Fabric Water Shields, 10 oz cans, that repel water-based spills on furniture and clothing fabric
  • IDEAL FOR MANY HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Water repellent spray is ideal for household items during the rainy Spring season, including upholstery, curtains, pillows, backpacks, luggage and more
  • USE ON CLOTHING: Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield is perfect fabric spray for Summer outings for use on summer clothes including shirts, dresses, silk ties, suits and even as a canvas shoe spray
  • SAFE FOR DELICATE CLOTHING: Fabric cleaner is safe for use on delicate or dry-clean-only fabrics, such as silk and wool
  • BREATHABLE AND DOESN’T FADE: Odorless water repellent spray does not impede fabric breathability and will also not cause your clothes to fade, so you can enjoy Summer get-togethers
  • PROACTIVE COVERAGE: Be proactive against spills with one can of Scotchgard fabric spray, which covers an average-sized couch, two chairs or five jackets
  • Doesn't impede fabric's breathability
  • Reapply Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield after washing
  • One can covers an average-sized couch, two chairs or five jackets

Scotch Guard Fabric Sealer

Scotch Guard is a well-known and very trusted brand when it comes to protecting fabric. They make a fabric sealer that maybe applicable for the southwest and other areas that don’t see a lot of cold weather or snow.

For most people though, the best Scotch Guard product would be their outdoor sealer. This is designed for all weather use. This makes our list because Scotch Guard is a great brand, and we like so many of their other products.

The big drawback with ranking it higher is that a single can will cover about 20 square feet of heavy fabric. It is an amazing product for covering light vinyl for tents or other items. For these products, a single can will product 60 square feet of fabric.

For the heavier fabric that will used in a gazebo or pergola cover, it simply soaks into the fabric requiring more solution. An 8′ x 10′ gazebo would require 4 cans of the Scotch Guard sealant whereas the same gazebo could be covered with a single bottle of the star Brite listed above.

  • Ideal for long lasting moisture resistance on shoes, patio furniture, apparel, camping gear and more
  • 1-step, crystal clear super hydrophobic, water-repelling treatment barrier designed to keep outdoor items dry
  • Not for use on interior carpet or upholstery
  • Easy single step trigger spray application
  • Coverage will vary depending on fabric: 20-60 sq. ft
  • Repels and protects from damage caused by water
  • Crystal clear, silicone free formula will not change appearance or feel of items
  • Polymers penetrate surface to form protective barrier around fabric fibers
  • Use outdoor fabrics like canvas, polyester, cotton/poly blends (test in an inconspicuous area first)
  • Wash new or dirty items prior to coating and allow product to dry for 24 hours before water exposure

Rust-o-Leum Shield H20 Product Review

This is a great all-purpose water repellant. It is in the same price range as the Scoth Guard. The main reason to pick this product is that it can product a very diver set of fabrics. This would be perfect if you wanted a single product to protect a small gazebo and to have other repellant left to seal your camping gear or outdoor clothes.

The Rust-o-leum can protect

  • Polyester
  • Cotton/Poly Blends
  • Canvas
  • Leather
  • Suede

Questions about Water Repellant for Gazebo Covers

The section below will be a frequently asked questions from readers. If you have a question that you don’t see on the list, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us on twitter @newawning or via our contact form.

We’re just regular homeowners who enjoy the DIY project. All our posts are taken from the perspective of what an average adult could do so we try to limit the amount of special tools or training needed when doing our research or making recommendations.

Does water repellent spray work?

Yes, without question water repellant creates a protective layer that stops the water from being absorbed into the fabric. The effectiveness will wear down overtime so we suggest reapplying it each year.

When does water repellant spray work?

According to Wikipedia (Source), the active ingredient that makes the sprays repel water is a fluoropolymer and other substances. Teflon is likely the most famous fluoropolymer so you could think of these sprays as putting a layer of Teflon over your gazebo fabric.

Just to be fair, they are not made of Teflon, but of a substance that’s chemically related.

What happens when water repellant spray doesn’t dry right away?

The sprays we recommend can take 1-2 days to dry depending on the humidity. We recommend only coating your gazebo cover if you can take it down and have it in a place that won’t get rained on until it dries.

Last Updated:March 27, 2024