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Product Review for Spear Awning

Spear awnings have a fabric shade with metal supports that normally have a blunted spear tip. The style dates back to the Roman empire, and they are a fashionable upgrade to a retractable awning. The spears are normally stainless steel or aluminum. The material can be vinyl for the most budget friendly option up to acrylic Sunbrella fabric for the more quality focused shades. Our favorite pick for spear awning is by EZ Awning and can bought on Amazon.

What is a spear awning?

A spear point awning is a type of “loose frame” decorative awning with a style inspired by Greek architecture. It is very popular both because of its aesthetics, but also for its functionality. The angled support poles provide a slim profile with no hard corners. This is also very popular on upscale food trailers as it creates shade for customers in line without needing to significantly protrude from the vehicle.

What are the components of spear awning hardware?

There are five main components to a spear awning. We have explained each of them below.
Item Quantity Location Description Usage
1/2″ EMT Pipe 1 Head Rod This is a pipe of either Eletrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) or for larger awnings we recommend Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC) This serves as the backbone of the awning.
3/4″ Galvenized Pipe 1 Front Bar This is a steel pipe covered in a protective layer of zinc This is the crossbar that will be threaded through the front of the awning.
1/2″ Galvenized Pipe 2 Struts Used as the Spears These will be exposed to the elements so it’s importable to have the galvenized pip. These serve as the supports between the home and the Front Bar.
Back Hinge 2 Hinge Attaching Spears to Home This is the connection between the struts and the home. These need to be securely attached to a stud in the home’s wall.
Head Rod Clamp 2+ Clamp Attaching Head Rod to Home We recommend one clamp on each end along with central clamps each 4′ for all awnings over 6′ feet.
Front Bar Fitting 2 Fitting Between Spear and Front Bar This is the clamp that holds the spear to the front bar.
Leechline 25′ Provides Tension and Lifting Mechanism This is a cordage that is designed to provide tension for fabrics.
Jam Cleat 1 Connectes Leechline to Home This is used to keep the Leechline tight.

What determines the quality of a steel awning?

Our researchers have reviewed many products, and they came to believe there are three primary aspects that truly determine the quality. The first is that it uses a quality fabric that has been solution dyed to be stain resistant. Even when the top quality fabric is used, it is important that it be handled correctly during the manufacturing process by ensuring the cut ends are hemmed. We also prefer the fabric to be cut with a “Hot Knife” versus scissors because the latter can lead to raveling. The second most element that controls quality are the pipes that provide the frame. We recommend that you only consider steel pipes and ignore any product that uses aluminum components. The third aspect is the fixtures. You will want quality steel pieces that won’t get damaged from the weather. We include this because we have seen some high-quality kits skimp when it comes to fixtures and while this doesn’t rule them out if you do notice that the connectors feel cheaply made or very light to the touch, we recommend getting heavy duty replacements from your local hardware store or Amazon. In most cases, if you take the fixture to a local hardware store, they will be able to let you know if there is a more heavy duty option.

Designs for the spear tip

There are five primary shades for the spearhead, and those are:
  • Traditional – This is a blunted spearhead.
  • Ball – This looks like a large ball bearing.
  • Acorn – This is a combination of Traditional and Ball. It has the shade of the spearhead, but at the tip is a large ball bearing.
  • Fleur De Lis – This is the shape of the New Orleans Saints Logo.
  • Flat – This is a simple flat end end cap with no decoration.
awning on gray-house

Spear awning guide

Because this is rather unique, we were unable to find a video specifically about the creation of it; however, we did discover an amazing video of the “Loose Frame” awning which is general category this product belongs. The primary difference is that the struts would be angled upward and be on the outside of the fabric rather than horizontal and placed an inch inside the front bar.

DIY spear awning

While DIY projects can be enjoyable, this is not something we recommend building as a from scratch DIY project. The reason is that individually the components will cost roughly double the amount of buying a kit from a manufacturer. The reason is that the suppliers purchase all the components in volume and receive large discounts. When they bundle the components together, the market forces drive the price down because there are multiple suppliers competing for the sale.

When it comes to buying a spear awning kit, we highly recommend the EZ Awning. We have found the Amazon price to be around 40% cheaper than purchasing through the Awntech site directly. This was the first spear awning kit that we recommended, and we have yet to hear any complaints with it from any of our readers. With that said, if you choose this product and have any issues we’d love to hear from you so that we can update our guide. This product comes with a five-year limited warranty and all the fabric has been solution dyed to prevent fading, discoloration or mildew. The only drawback we have with this product is that it is a fully stationary awning that cannot be simply be retracted before storms.

Spear Awning FAQ

  • What metal is best for the supports? – We prefer either aluminum for low wind areas or steel for an all weather setting.
  • What fabric do you suggest? – We normally go for acrylic fabrics like Sunbrella for these because it lasts much longer. I would stay away from vinyl and canvas for spear awnings.
  • Are spear awnings retractable? – Some are, but most people leave them up through the winter. Their deep slope allows snow to easily roll off.
  • Are spear awnings easy to install? – Spear window awnings can be installed by 1 person in an afternoon.
  • Do spear awnings require special brackets? – Nope, you can measure them to get the exact dimensions, and take a picture to show to your local hardware store. We have a local Ace hardware that’s great for helping us find mounting hardware and brackets.
  • Can you paint the supports? – In most cases yes. You will simply want to ensure you know the type of metal and get appropriate paint.
In closing, we love hearing from our readers. If you have questions about spear awnings or other shade structures, we’d love to hear from you. Simply head over to our contact us page, and fill out the form. We will do our best to reply and answer your questions. For reference, we’re just home owners who love spending time on our patio. If you need specific construction advice, I’d recommend contacting a local professional in your area.

Last Updated:September 04, 2023