Author Profile – Marcion Albert

front porch on a house with support beam
Greetings and welcome to my author profile page where I will share my interests and background. Growing up my family bought, fixed up and flipped many homes. We also managed them doing a lot of the handyman responsibilities to create a stable cash flow base. We love house flipping shows on HGTV, and I have met a few people that have appeared on the some shows. I’m a bit of a reality show junkie all around as I love watching the less popular shows on the smaller networks. My favorite all time reality show appeared on Animal Planet and was called “Mud Luvin’ Rednecks”. It only lasted two seasons, and I have seen every episode multiple times.
In my early twenties, I obtained a realtor license which I held for seven years. Selling real estate was never my passion as I am rather introverted, and I really love creating and building rather than selling. I have been writing online for around a decade including completing numerous writing assignments for Yahoo in your Yahoo Voices program. I was also previously the head of content production at
I have been following the shade and awning industry for several years, and I am proud to serve as the chief editor for the team. As we are a small team, I write most of the content personally. We have growth plans and hope to double our writing staff by the end of 2017.
If you have any questions or ideas for a story, feel free to reach me via the site’s contact us form.

Last Updated:July 13, 2024