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Sunbrella Awning Review

Sunbrella was founded in 1960 as a fabric company with the vision of making a higher quality awning material. The primary fabric of the time was a dyed cotton that had issues with fading from the sun and degrading from rain. The traditional awnings from that era were susceptible to both mold and mildew, and Sunbrella invested a lot of resources to develop a better product. With more than 50 years in business, they are now one of the most well-known brands of outdoor fabrics and create shades, sales, covering for patio furniture.

Sunbrella Designs

The company has multiple full-time designers, and they currently have more than 100 colors and patterns. The commercially available sizes range from 48″ to 150″ with the price usually quoted in yards. One key design feature is that many of the patterns come with texture options. This can dramatically increase the aesthetic of the finished product.

Sunbrella Awning Prices

The price of the awnings depends greatly on the amount of material used to create it. An entry point option would be around $140 for a fixed awning to cover a window. These are usually 4′ wide and come with all fixtures and mounting hardware, and they can be installed by the home owner. At the other end of the spectrum are the luxury custom models that are designed to the customers exact specifications. There are many companies who build these personalized awnings, and it’s important to find a professional that you feel comfortable working with.

Cleaning Sunbrella

This is a very sturdy fabric that is stain resistant which makes cleaning easier than many of the alternatives. In most cases, the awning can be cleaned while it is still on its frame. The first step is to brush away any loose dirt or debris. After this, you can use a garden hose to spray it off, and then you can use some soap to target any soiled spots. You’ll want to rinse off any soap residue and then let air dry. One key aspect to remember is to always ensure the external temperature is above the freezing point before soaking the awning with a hose to avoid any possibility of cracking or damaging the fabric. In most parts of the country, we recommend the light cleaning between 2-4 times per year, but the entire process should only take a few minutes.

Occasionally, there may be a need for a more rigorous cleaning. The Sunbrella fabric will not grow mold or mildew; however, material such as soil may become attached to the awning, and these foreign substances can be the breeding grown for mold. If this occurs, you will want to prepare a solution of with 1 part color safe bleach to 15 parts warm water, and then rub with a soft bristled brush. If possible, taking with the fabric and leaving the trouble spot submerged in the bleach/water solution for 5 minutes will also greatly aid in removing any stuck on material. After, you’ll want to use the garden hose to thoroughly spray off the awning.

Making Sunbrella Water Repellent Again

All sunbrealla fabrics have fluorocarbon outer coat which improves their ability to repel water; however, after several years this may need to be touched up. The primary product we recommend for this is 303 Fabric Guard. A single bottle of cleaner can be used to treat around 75 square feet of the awning material.

Professional Cleaning & Services

Because Sunbrella is one of the industry leaders in outdoor fabric, there will be firms in most areas with experience on this material. You will definitely want to ensure that any company you hire to deal with your awning has the information on type of fabric and frame that you have.

Careers is an equal opportunity employer. All hiring decisions are made purely on the ability to perform the requested activities on time and on a budget. Any position listed below is a potential opening based on the ability to identify the appropriate person. As we are a bootstrapped, self-funded startup, most of the positions will either begin as a contract gig that may have the potential to lead to a part-time or full-time employment.

Awning Photographer

We are seeking an independent photographer who is capable of taking pictures of awnings and outdoor coverings. All photos need to be taken by the person, and they will be giving us the right to use on our site and all social media accounts. This position would be ideal for an amateur photographer who is seeking a side income to offset the cost of his/her equipment.

If you would like to be considered for the role, please email us your contact information and a sample of 5-10 images. If we decide there is a fit, we will reach out to discuss the amount we pay per picture. You are welcome to send us up to 100 images per submission, and we will review the images and then notify you specifically which images we wish to purchase for our site. You are welcome to submit smaller batches or multiple versions of the same awning or outdoor area. We will pay for each image we choose to use on our site even since the same backdrop can be used in different ways depending on the lens used. Additionally, we reserve the right to modify by any means images that are purchased by the company.

If you are interested in working with us, please send an email to

Junior Editor

We are seeking a junior level editor for our site who has a background in writing home and garden items. We have a strong preference for someone who has a background in either awnings and patio coverings; however, we are also to open to candidates that have the ability to research and learn the industry as they go. We are seeking someone who is capable of producing 800+ words of quality content per hour of writing. They also need to be able to format it with simple HTML tags such as H2, images and embed links. We maintain a backlog of 10 post topics that include specific terms that we are targeting, and the editor will be responsible for doing the necessary research that includes those phrases as the section headings. We are looking for a quality writer who is capable of turning an idea into a well-formatted, educational post that will entertain the viewers. There will be minimal supervision or proofreading as we are looking for someone who can work independently. There will be no set schedule and the work can be complete in between other activities. This will be perfect for someone looking to build a writing portfolio or someone that can write as a second income between classes. An ideal candidate would have an undergraduate degree in writing or language that is capable of distilling complex thoughts into an easy to comprehend format.

If you are interested in applying for the editor position, please send us an email to

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This site was founded in 2015 under the moniker After a year in operation, the site rebranded as in 2016 and continues to be a leader in consumer information and product reviews. We do not directly sell any item, but rather provide independent evaluations of the companies who manufacture and sell products in the United States.

Our Vision

Within five years, we will become the most authoritative site on all home and garden coverings. This will cover businesses, residential and RV items. We will always provide clear concise information to the viewers of our site and share details of coupons and major sales. Our goal is to be an honest company that spends significant time making the purchasing decisions easy for you. We will also cover topics for the people who like DIY projects and maintenance. While we will be the end to end source on all the material, we will create silos in order to make the site extremely user-friendly.

Why should I listen to you on Awnings?

We have invested hundreds of hours researching the options and building out this site. If there is a better site on the topic, we would love to hear it. Please contact us, and we will happily review all the material to learn everything we can to fill any gaps in our own coverage. Of course, we will do our own independent testing to validate the claims especially when they come from manufacturers; however, we are always seeking cutting edge topics. We are especially interested in solar powered awnings as a method for portable energy production.

Contacting Us

If you are interested in reaching the leadership team, the easiest way is to send an email to The email address is checked each weekday so you should expect to hear back on any inquiry with one or two business days.

Thanks for visiting our site, and I look forward to sharing our love of awnings with you.


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