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How to Repair your Awning

The frame of an awning in perfect condition

Quality built awnings are designed to last for years; however, over time the various components can malfunction leading them to need repair. When possible it is best to replace the individual piece that is damaged rather than remove the entire unit and replace with a brand new one. Simply fixing components can be substantially cheaper for both labor and material. Our guide below will explain how to deal with each aspect of a damaged awning.

How to repair torn awning fabric

Heavy winds can lead to tears in the awning material. This is the most common problem, and it is rather easily solvable when caught early. The key is to keep the hole as small as possible and to halt any further breaking down of the material. If the awning is a cloth based material such as the coated heavy cotton material, then you will need to fix this with some fabric. The first step is to measure the gap in the awning and then add about six inches on all sides. The distance may need to be a little larger for especially large holes in the fabric, but the six inches is a good baseline guide for most holes we see. With the measurements, you’ll want to go to a local craft store or fabric store and purchase some heavy duty external use fabric. We recommend trying to find a color that matches your current awnings as closely as possible. Additionally, some manufacturers are even willing to sell small patch kits for their awnings which would be a perfect fit for both the color and material. Once you have the fabric, you’ll want to sew the path on the underside. Begin by stitching around the edges of the rectangle so that there is room on all sides of the tear. Once the rectangle patch is securely attached to the awning, then you will want to carefully stitch the edges of the gash to the newly attached fabric. These seem to need to be tightly attached so that no wind gets underneath the seam as this will lead to flapping and can quickly cause the entire patch to blow out. The entire replacement can cost less than $15 and should take no more than an hour.

How to repair torn awning PVC or acrylic material

This type of damage is less common than the fabric tears; however, it is more time consuming to repair. If the hole in the awning is less than eight inches you may be able to patch it; however, anything larger than that is likely just going to need to replaced with a completely new awning cover. For the smaller hopes, the first step is to find a suitable patching material which will need to be ordered from a specialty online retailer. The precise composition will vary depending on your manufacturer so they are a good place to start the search. If you are able to find a suitable patch, then you will want to stretch the torn cover over the patch and apply a nonwater-soluble glue. Once the glue is successfully applied, you will want to place the entire unit between two sheets of plywood that are securely clamped together for 24-48 hours to all the glue to try. When placing the material between the pieces of wood take great care that no excess glue seeps through the seams onto the wood. If this happens, it will create a nightmare to remove the wooden supports. Once the glue is successfully dry with the supports remove, we recommend coating both sides of the entire area with a waterproof sealant.

How to repair a bent awning pole

The metal supports of an awning can bend during heavy storms or if someone puts too much weight on them. These bends need to be treated seriously and fixed as soon as they are discovered because they can put the entire structural integrity of the awning at risk. The easiest method to repair a slightly bent arm is to find either a hitch if you are dealing with an RV or an outdoor chair with a sturdy metal frame, and then wedge the awning beam inside until the apex of the bend is next to the support bar of the hitch of a chair. Once it’s there then gently apply pressure so reverse the bend. You will need to take care the beam doesn’t rotate in your hand and go slowly so that you are able to stop should the bar break.

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