About Us

NewAwning.com is a privately held company which specializes in providing quality unbiased information about awnings and patio covering options. The owner, Marcion Albert, has been a leader in the industry for many years holding management and executive positions at multiple large websites in the home improvement space. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with a small commercial footprint that operates entirely from the spare bedroom of the owner’s home. Marcion noticed a lack of unbiased reviews and information when we were searching for awnings and decided he could build a site to fill that void in the market.

This site was founded in 2015 under the moniker AwningNow.com. After a year in operation, the site rebranded as NewAwning.com in 2016 and continues to be a leader in consumer information and product reviews. We do not directly sell any item, but rather provide independent evaluations of the companies who manufacture and sell products in the United States.

Our Vision

Within five years, we will become the most authoritative site on all home and garden coverings. This will cover businesses, residential and RV items. We will always provide clear concise information to the viewers of our site and share details of coupons and major sales. Our goal is to be an honest company that spends significant time making the purchasing decisions easy for you. We will also cover topics for the people who like DIY projects and maintenance. While we will be the end to end source on all the material, we will create silos in order to make the site extremely user-friendly.

Why should I listen to you on Awnings?

We have invested hundreds of hours researching the options and building out this site. If there is a better site on the topic, we would love to hear it. Please contact us, and we will happily review all the material to learn everything we can to fill any gaps in our own coverage. Of course, we will do our own independent testing to validate the claims especially when they come from manufacturers; however, we are always seeking cutting edge topics. We are especially interested in solar powered awnings as a method for portable energy production.

Contacting Us

If you are interested in reaching the NewAwning.com leadership team, the easiest way is to send an email to marcion@newAwning.com. The email address is checked each weekday so you should expect to hear back on any inquiry with one or two business days.

Thanks for visiting our site, and I look forward to sharing our love of awnings with you.